Deputy for Care and Social Policies, Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa.

Degree in Law.

Basque: fluent.
Spanish: high.
French: high.

Professional and political career
– 2003- June 2023: Spokesperson of the EAJ-PNV municipal group in the
Errenteria Town Council.
– 2000-2015: practising lawyer.
– 2002-2005: consumer arbitrator in the consumer mediation service of the Basque Government.
of the Basque Government.
– 2007-2011: member of the General Assembly of Gipuzkoa and spokesperson in the Social Policy Commission.
the Social Policy Committee.
– 2007-2011: President of the Board of Trustees of the Sagrado Corazón municipal residence in Errenteria.
Heart of Errenteria.
– 2007-2011: President of Errenteria Social Services.
– 2012-2019: Member of the Regional Executive of the GBB.
– 2015-2023: Member of Parliament for Social Policies.

Positions and representations in other bodies or entities
– Member of the Basque Council for Social and Health Care.
– Member of the Jury of the EMAKUNDE Award for Equality, 2018 edition.
– Member of the Basque Volunteering Council.
– Member of the Inter-institutional Body for Social Services.
– Member of the Basque Social Services Council.
– Head of the Inter-institutional Commission for Social Inclusion of the Basque Government.
Basque Government.
– Member of the Provincial Committee of the Red Cross.
– Member of the Basque Council for the Promotion of Accessibility.
– President of the Autonomous Regional Body Kabia.
– Member of the Board of Directors of Katea Legaia SLL.
– Vice-President of the Consortium for Compensatory Education and Occupational Training of Gipuzkoa.
Occupational Training Consortium of Gipuzkoa.
– Member of the Board of Directors of Talleres Protegidos Gureak,
– President of the Governing Body of the Autonomous Foral Organisation
Uliazpi Foundation.
– Member of the Plenary of the Forum for the Integration and Social Participation of Immigrant Citizens.
Immigrant Citizens of the Basque Country.
– Member of the Monitoring Commission of the 2nd Inter-institutional Agreement for the
for the care of women victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence.
and sexual violence.
– Head of the Basque Family Council.
– Member of the Basque Council for Social Inclusion.
– Member of the Basque Health Council.
– Member representing the Provincial Council of the Basque Country on the Inter-institutional
inter-institutional coordination committee on addictions.
– Member of the Basque Council on Addictions.
– Representative of the Provincial Council on the steering committee for the
minors and alcohol programme.
– Member of the Council for the Integral Promotion and Social Participation of the
Roma in the Basque Country.
– President of the Adinberri Foundation.

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